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Piramal | Healthcare, Diagnostics Division.

Piramal | Healthcare entered Diagnostics Business by acquiring Boehringer Mannheim India Ltd (Roche Diagnostics) in the year 1996. Piramal Healthcare nurtured the diagnostics business by introducing new tests and by 2005 we reported sales revenues of Rs 70 Crs. In 2005 we handed over the business to Roche Diagnostics as per the negotiated settlement.

Piramal Healthcare has today rebuilt the business by installing more than 100 fully automated biochemistry analysers(BS 300, BS 400, respons 920) and more than 800 semi-auto analysers. (Photometer 5010). Today we have made our presence felt with the Diasys range of reagents. We have a sizable market share of Lipids and perhaps no 2 selling immunoturbidimetric HbA1c kit. We have also installed more than 350 hemaology analysers (Swelab Alfa) and more than 20 Excell 2280 (5 part diff ) analysers.

We have initiated a quality movement by educating customer about the quality aspects through our monthly magazine QC Guideline. We have released 34 issues so far... in line with our credo of Knowledge, Action, Care. We reduce the burden of internal quality control cost by offering Trulab N/P free to customer against their patronage of Diasys reagents…. this is “ction” or act by which we want to partner you in providing quality reports to your customers(patients) and care for faster diagnosis and treatment.

We have a strong infrastructure of 30 service engineers and more than 120 distributors for after sales service and logistics support.

We are also building a robust web based after sales support software and DIQAP (Diasys International Quality Assessment Program).

We will soon introduce immunology rage with emphasis on blood banking parameters, hepatitis markers and TORCH kits.



HbA1c monitoring device with voice-guided navigation...

QDx Vit D

QDx Vit D

A smart tool for qualitative assessment of Vitamin D levels in blood

QDx Hemostat

QDx Hemostat

Get a grip on anemia and help your patients....

QDx Instacheck

QDx Instacheck

An instant diagnostic device that can tests 20 parameters...

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