About the event

On Thursday , August 30th, 2018, Piramal Enterprises Limited held its Financial Services Day to share detailed insights on its Financial Services business.

The event included a strategic overview by Chairman, business overview by senior management and sessions with key function heads. Nearly 300 investors and analysts attended the event.

Management Attendees

  • Ajay Piramal - Chairman, Piramal Group
  • Vijay Shah - Executive Director, Piramal Enterprises Limited
  • Nandini Piramal - Executive Director, Piramal Enterprises Limited
  • Khushru Jijina - Managing Director, Piramal Capital & Housing Finance
  • Shantanu Nalavadi - Managing Director, India Resurgence Fund
  • S K Honnesh - Group General Counsel, Piramal Group
  • Hitesh Dhaddha - Chief Investor Relations Officer, Piramal Enterprises Limited
Business Vertical Leaders / Functional Heads of Piramal Capital & Housing Finance
  • Sachin Deodhar - Chief Financial Officer
  • Vaibhav Rekhi - Partner, Real Estate
  • Vikas Deep Gupta - Partner, Corporate Finance Group
  • Satish Mehta - Chief Operating Officer, Housing Finance
  • Deependu Jain - Head, Emerging Corporate Lending
  • Vipul Thakore - Partner - Treasury, Capital Markets & Advisory
  • Khodadad Pavri - Partner, Asset Management
  • Anand Vardhan - President, Legal
  • Hitesh Dhankani - Head, Brickex
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