Bridging Growth with Expertise: Invest with Confidence in Piramal’s Fund Suite.

$1.5 Billion AUM Life to Date
19 Active Portfolio Companiess
55+ seasoned experienced professionals with proven track record

Key Highlights

Trusted Institutional Capital Provider
Piramal Alternatives is a trusted source of institutional capital in India, fostering strong relationships with global investors such as CPPIB, CDPQ, IFC, and partnerships with global players such as Bain Capital.
Tailored Capital Solution
Specializing in tailored capital solutions, Piramal Alternatives focuses on transformation and turnaround opportunities, offering a range of options from pure credit to structured investments.
Proven Private Equity Expertise
With almost two decades of private equity expertise, Piramal Alternatives leverages its deep understanding of the local PE ecosystem and market cycles, aiming to build a comprehensive fiduciary platform.


Optimizing Risk and Return
Sponsor Strength
Institution-Focused Growth

Our Funds

India Access Fund of Funds

Managed by a seasoned team with a strong track record, the India Access Fund of Funds is a well-structured investment vehicle, carefully curating a diverse portfolio of top-tier Indian fund managers and strategic co-investments.

Hybrid Growth Fund

Recognizing market needs, the Hybrid Growth Fund specializes in structures with a combination of debt and equity instruments, employing growth-oriented strategies to capture emerging opportunities.

Performing Credit Fund (PCF)

Led by an experienced credit evaluation team with a successful investment history, PCF is a performing credit fund focused on delivering higher yields.

India Resurgence Fund (IndiaRF)

An equal joint venture between Piramal Enterprises Ltd. and Bain Capital Credit, India Resurgence Fund is a control-led turnround investing platform that invests in equity and / or debt in mid-to-large sized companies in India.

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