Sustainability Report 2022-23

Doing Well and Doing Good

The report highlights our holistic strategy for sustainable development, encompassing economic, social, and environmental aspects, with defined goals and actions aimed at maximizing positive impact.

Ajay Piramal

Our Vision

“To be a Best-in-Class Financial Services Company Fuelling India’s Growth Potential Sustainably”.

Ajay Piramal

Chairman, Piramal Enterprises Ltd.

PEL’s fundamental values, namely ‘Knowledge,’ ‘Action,’ ‘Care,’ and ‘Impact,’ hold paramount importance in shaping the organization’s identity and influencing its conduct. These values guide all employees, customers, and partners to undertake positive actions that align with the Company’s brand.

PEL’s ESG Strategy


- Financial Inclusion

- Sustainable Finance

- Operational Eco-Friendly


- Human Capital Development

- Community Development

- Customer Satisfaction


- Data Privacy

- Cyber Security

- Digitalisation


- ESG Risk Management

- Corporate Governance

- Brand Reputation & Communication

ESG Governance

To enhance the corporate governance, Sustainability and Risk Management Committee (SRMC) is set up to oversee the implementation of stricter controls and procedures, facilitate the shift towards a more sustainable economy, and encourage the adoption of technological advancements.

Sustainability & Risk Management Committee
ESG Steering Committee
ESG Working Groups

ESG highlights

404 branches across 26 States In India
2,700+ beneficiaries of financial literacy programs
5/14 women directors on board
50,000+ employee training person hours
73,400+ existing customers across affordable housing segments

Awards and Recognitions

Best Organisations For Women 2023

Piramal Group has been recognised as one of the ‘Best Organisations For Women 2023’ by the Economic Times

Sustainable Organisations 2022

Piramal Foundation was recognised amongst ‘Sustainable Organisations 2022’ by The Economic Times

CII National Office Innovation award

CII National Office Innovation Competition award for efforts in the areas of onboarding and payroll management

Businessworld India’s Most Sustainable Companies

Piramal Enterprises Limited was ranked 12th with an A+ Rating in “BW Businessworld India’s Most Sustainable Companies”

Reports & Disclosures

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