Introducing the Hybrid Growth Fund, Piramal Alternatives presents a distinctive fund strategy tailored to versatile capital deployment needs. . The Hybrid Growth Fund employs a differentiated approach, offering innovative debt-equity structuring to address growth capital, acquisition financing, shareholder realignment, and liquidity solutions for existing investors.

Flexible Approach to Capital Deployment

This innovative fund offers comprehensive capital solutions with a differentiated approach, featuring flexible debt-equity structuring for diverse needs such as growth capital, acquisitions, realignment, and liquidity solutions. With an optimal risk-adjusted return and a win-win proposition for stakeholders, the Hybrid Fund empowers companies to navigate growth trajectory stages effectively.

Investee Characteristics

The Hybrid Growth Fund targets companies with leadership positions in high-growth markets and businesses demonstrating sustainability with sound governance practices. While sector-agnostic, the fund focuses on key drivers of the India growth story, including consumer, healthcare, financial services, IT services, and niche manufacturing.

Industry Expertise

Leveraging Piramal Group’s deep domain knowledge in these sectors, the fund not only enhances the evaluation of opportunities but also provides strategic guidance and governance post-investment-a key differentiator for the Fund.

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