Embark on an investment journey with the India Access Fund of Funds by Piramal Alternatives.

India Access Fund of Funds: Diversified Portfolio Excellence
Introducing Piramal Alternatives’ innovative product, meticulously designed for crafting a diversified portfolio with top-notch fund managers and strategic co-investments in the Indian Growth PE ecosystem.
Strategic Curation for Optimal Returns
Leveraging two decades of active investment experience and a profound understanding of the local PE ecosystem, our team systematically selects high-caliber managers, showcasing our commitment through substantial sponsor backing.
Unlocking Opportunities with Sector Expertise
Our strategic networks and relationships with leading fund managers empower investors to act as their own CIOs, capturing the essence of the India growth story.

Our product is designed for a diversified portfolio, drawing on our team’s two decades of active investment experience and extensive knowledge of the local PE ecosystem. We systematically select fund managers, backed by substantial sponsor commitment, ensuring optimal returns and unlocking opportunities in collaboration with Piramal Group’s sector expertise.

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